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Definition of Homesteading

Definition of Homesteading: Homesteading is a way of living where self-sufficiency and living off the land play a big role. People who live this way are nowadays called ‘modern homesteaders’ or ‘urban homesteaders’.

So but where does this definition of Homesteading come from you might ask. Well, it dates back as far as the 9th century when "Old English" was spoken in Great Brittain. It means "A human settlement". So nothing much different than what it means in VS English today.

What is a Homestead?

Wikipedia writes the following: A homestead is an isolated dwelling, especially a farmhouse, and adjacent outbuildings, typically on a large agricultural holding such as a ranch or station. 

So the Homestead is a piece of land with a house or farm and all its adjacent buildings. On that land, the owners have their own livestock, crops and nowadays they have their own electricity generators like solar power or wind turbines.

Homesteading act of 1862

Alright, so we know what homesteading means but where does it come from? Well, in 1862 The United States Government made a law which stated that everyone could ‘claim’ a piece of land for a small registration fee. All they had to agree upon was to live there for 5 continuous years after which they would receive a deed of ownership. Yip, what a time right.

Franklin Roosevelt however wanted to end this program in 1935. He started a nationwide ‘land conservation program’.  But, it wasn’t until 1976 under the Federal Land Policy and Management Act when it was finally formalized. Roughly 780,000 men and women were able to make a claim on “their” land.

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