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How to Pick, Trim or Prune Herbs?

If one saying applies to herbs, it’s that pruning makes one grow. Just about every kitchen herb should be picked or trimmed regularly. But how to pick, trim or prune herbs, and why should we all do it? Well, for starters, because picking leaves regularly and pruning the plant vigorously, as a result, will ultimately lead to a healthy plant that often gives its best for an entire summer.

You also prevent the plant from forming flowers, which often take up all the energy. It is sometimes better to cut the plant back to just above a leaf, we always tend to pluck only leaves. Only picking leaves, however, will not stimulate new growth. An overview on how to pick, trim or prune specific herbs:

How to pick, trim or prune overview:

  • Basil: don’t cut to the base of the stim. You cut down to the last set of leaves. In this way, the plant will form new shoots and stay alive.
  • Sage: you may pick from deep down the stim. The plant will grow new shoots at the bottom.
  • Chives: you cut to 1 inch above the ground. The plant will form new shoots just below the ground.
  • Rosemary: never cut it completely short. It is better to remove a branch now and then to keep the bush in excellent shape. Cutaway to about 5 centimeters from the ground, which stimulates new growth.
  • Mint: Cut back to just above the ground. The plant forms root shoots that always reappear from the ground.
  • Thyme: Do not cut the thyme bush completely bare. Remove a few shoots here and there so that the plant quickly forms new shoots.

Want to know more about specific herbs?

If you want to know more about specific herbs, continue reading some of the posts below:

We will be adding more in the following weeks. Let us know if you have a suggestion. Send a message or leave a comment below. Like to cook? Check out our Food page.

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